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XO Simulcast FAQ

What kind of internet connection do we need to have?

To host the live Simulcast, you will need to have a hardwired internet connection speed of at least 10-25 Mbps. You can check your connection speed at and look at the download speed results.

Limit other devices (phones, tablets, computers, etc.), on the network that you are using for the web stream. Do not start large downloads or uploads while streaming, and only have one internet tab open on the computer you are using for the web stream.

What are the technical requirements?

There are very few technical requirements needed to host the XO Simulcast. 

1. You must have a hard-wired internet speed of 10-25 Mbps and minimize the number of steps between your computer and the network switch. We recommend using Firefox or Chrome as your internet browser and ensuring it is up to date. Do not use Internet Explorer. You may check your browser version by visiting w​​

2. You will need a screen that has the ability to stream the internet onto it. We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer and using a video cable to send the video signal to a projector or television.

Test days will be available before the event to ensure a successful Simulcast experience.

Are there other dates/times that we can show the simulcast?

Yes! Main sessions will be available on-demand within 6 hours after the session ends. To locate the on-demand videos; when logged in, the on-demand videos will be located below the livestream as they are available.

Can we pause the simulcast to take breaks?

For the live event, we have scheduled breaks where both the live audience and Simulcast sites will take breaks together. Disclaimer: if you close or refresh the page it will start you back at the beginning, and you will need to find where you left off. For on-demand viewing, the stream can be paused at any time, and breaks can be taken at any time. Main sessions will be available on-demand within 6 hours after the session ends.

What do we do if the simulcast live stream stops working?

The XO Team does everything we can to make sure that the Simulcast stream does not have any interruptions. Participating in the Simulcast Testing before the event will help reduce the risk of this happening by eliminating minor issues. You can also purchase the Priority Support Add-On for added email and phone support before and during the event.

What is the pricing for the event?

The XO Simulcast pricing model is simple, you pay $299 (our lowest price ever) for the Live and On-Demand Event. You can enhance your experience by purchasing additional Simulcast Add-ons for only $99 each. Apply to host the XO Simulcast.

What add-ons are available?

New Small Group Kit featuring the Four Laws of Love book by Jimmy Evans, Promotional Materials to help you market your event, Priority Support for live technical support via phone call, text, or email, and a Giveaway Package with XO merchandise and books. We also offer a multi-campus license for churches that want to stream to multiple campuses (available upon request). Contact us using the form below.

What technical support is available?

The XO Team will provide you with a basic troubleshooting checklist. There will also be Simulcast Testing available before the event to ensure a successful XO Simulcast experience.

Additionally, you can purchase the Priority Support Add-on for email and phone support. The Priority Support team will always be ready to help you fix any technical issues you are having. If you would like to purchase Priority Support contact us using the form below.

When is the deadline to sign up?

While we encourage churches to sign up now to allow time for promoting the event and testing, there is no deadline to sign up as a Simulcast host site! If you sign up prior to February 14th, you will have access to the live event, following that, it is available on-demand anytime!

Is Spanish translation available?

Spanish translation will be available for the Simulcast, however due to the process of translating, it isn’t available immediately. It will be available at a later date on-demand. Contact our team for additional information or complete the form below.

What promotional materials are available to advertise our event?

If you have purchased the Promotional Materials Add-on you will receive digital files for social media images, printable materials like postcards and flyers, a pre-made promotional video, printable photo backdrops, weekend service announcement slides, and several other design assets, including logos. (Coming in December 2019)

You can use these to kick-start your marketing and advertise your event. You can also utilize the printable files to enhance the atmosphere at your event. To purchase the Promotional Material Add-on contact our team with the form below.

Can we purchase MarriageToday products for our event?

Yes! We offer a Giveaway Package of featured products that are 60% off of retail pricing--the cheapest rate we offer anywhere! To purchase your box(s) contact us by filling out the form below. (Shipping in January 2020 to be delivered before the event.) You can also purchase books at the MarriageToday book store online here:

What is included with the Giveaway Package Add-on?

The Giveaway Package includes 4 of MarriageToday’s major book titles, 1 audio series, 1 video series and 1 Free XO NOW subscription for a year. Each host site can purchase up to 10 Giveaway Packages. Contact us using the form below to purchase. (Shipping in January 2020 to be delivered before the event.)

What is included with the Priority Technical Support Add-on?

The Priority Technical Support Add-on gives hosts access to the XO Simulcast Team who will be there to answer questions, provide advice, and hold your hand along the way! Contact us using the form below to purchase. (January 2020)

What is included with the New Small Group Kit Add-on?

The brand new, Four Laws of Love, Small Group Kit Add-on gives the host-site the ability to jump start or refresh any marriage class, small group or ministry. The package includes a leader's guide, online video access (for 10 groups), a 20% discount on guidebooks and a 3 Month subscription to XO Now Premium ($225 value). This is your next step after the conference to keep your couples engaged and growing. (February 2020) Use the form below to contact us and add the Small Group Kit to your Simulcast.

Can we stream the simulcast to our other campuses?

The Multi-Campus Add-on gives Multi-Campus communities the proper permissions to show the Simulcast at all satellite campuses. The cost of the add-on is per satellite campus. Contact us if you want to stream the Simulcast to your other campuses by filling out the form below.

Where can we find a schedule for the event?

The live event will be all day Friday, February 14th and half a day on Saturday, February 15th. As we get closer to the event, we will update the schedule with more specific details on when the sessions and special elements will be.

What if we are in a different timezone than CST?

The live event is streamed in Central Time. Eastern Time will join live an hour later (For example, if the live event starts at 9:30 AM CST, Eastern Time would join live at 10:30 AM EST). All other times zones will need to adjust their schedules accordingly or use the on-demand feature that will be available after each session. Here is a helpful timezone conversion website:

Can we break the conference up however we want? (On-Demand)

Yes, using on-demand you can "break up" the conference into many different formats and create a custom experience. We have hosts who create 2-day events, 1-day events, break it up into small groups, etc...The freedom is yours!

The key here is that the session must have "already happened" and been made available. Main sessions will be available on-demand within 6 hours after the session ends. For example, on February 14th, during the live event, you can't play one of the Friday night sessions on Friday morning. Can't be done! (This would tear a hole in the space-time continuum.) You could, however, play a session from the morning of February 14th that night or the next day on Saturday. Of course, after the live event has ended on February 15th, feel free to mix and match however you want.

To locate the on-demand videos; when logged in, the on-demand videos will be located below the livestream as they are available.

Can attendees access the conference material after the event?

With the purchase of the Simulcast you are not allowed to share or distribute any of the recorded sessions to attendees or online. However, attendees will be given the chance to purchase the event.

Will emcees or speakers indicate the time of day from the platform?

The XO Team asks anyone who steps on the platform to not indicate the time of day for the sake of host sites presenting on-demand. However, we only have human speakers so we can’t promise that it won’t happen!

Will the Vow Renewal be simulcasted?

The Signature Vow Renewal will be simulcasted in its entirety for couples around the globe to participate! It is not legally binding though. ;)

Can we sell tickets for our event?

If you are a ministry, you can sell tickets to your XO Simulcast event! You can charge whatever you’d like, and keep the revenue. Brushfire is one of the best ticketing platforms for church events. We use them for our events and highly recommend them.

Can people who are single or dating come to the conference?

Those who are single or dating can certainly attend the event! We want to make sure they are aware that topics like sex will be discussed, but the best time to prepare for marriage is before going into it. A lot of individuals and dating couples come to our conference and enjoy it. Overall, it is up to your discretion as a host to discern whether an individual or dating couple are prepared for the content, or if it is best for your community to only have married couples present.

Should we provide childcare at our event?

Simulcast hosts have the freedom to offer childcare at their discretion. Many hosts offer childcare as an add-on to their tickets to cover the cost of having childcare available. With that said, the XO Team would suggest couples to see if a grandparent, family-friend, or sitter can watch the kids, so that during and after the event the couples can talk and have some privacy!

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