Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of internet connection do I need to have?

To host the simulcast, you must have an internet connection speed of at least 10 mb/second. You can check your connection speed at

Can I host a simulcast in my home?

Part of MarriageToday’s vision is to connect people with the local church. Because of this, we do not allow couples to host the simulcast in their home.

What are the technical requirements?

There are very few technical requirements to host a simulcast. You must have a hard wired internet speed of 10mb/second or more, as well as a screen that has the ability to stream the internet onto it. Multiple test days will be required to ensure a successful simulcast experience.

Can we pause the simulcast to take breaks?

MarriageToday has scheduled breaks where both the live audience and simulcast host sites will take breaks together.

What happens if we do not reach the minimum of 5 couples as a free host site?

If your church does not reach the minimum of 5 couples, your church will just need to pay for the remaining number of spots so the total registration number is ten attendees.

What do we do if the simulcast live stream stops working?

MarriageToday does everything we can to make sure that the Simulcast stream does not have any interruptions. However, if this should happen, we will provide each Host Site with downloadable sessions that can be downloaded ahead of time to have as a backup. Testing the feed will help reduce the risk of this happening.

Can we have MarriageToday product at our event?

Yes! We offer add-ons for your church to purchase for Giveaways, door prizes, or a small bookstore! These come with MarriageToday products at an amazing 50% discount! Once you have purchased and received the add-on, you are free to resell the products and keep the proceeds. Unsold product is not returnable to MarriageToday.

What is the pricing for the event?

We have two different pricing options available to accommodate churches of all sizes. To learn about our pricing options, fill out a host application and one of our Simulcast Coordinators will contact you within 24 hours with more information.

What technical support is available?

MarriageToday will provide you with a basic troubleshooting checklist. If you experience problems, those troubleshooting solutions should be able to fix any technical issues you are having. If those troubleshooting tips do not work, we will provide you with a technical support line to call and talk to one of our technical support analysts.

What is the deadline to sign up?

While we encourage churches to sign up now to allow time for promoting the event, registration is open up until the event.

Are there other dates and times that I can show the simulcast?

Yes! We have an OnDemand option available for churches that are not able to tune in to the live stream. The OnDemand option becomes available directly after the conference and is available for 90 days following the conference.

What if I am interested but I am not the senior pastor?

Many church leaders and members will inquire on behalf of their head pastors. You can download the simulcast guide on this website to share with your senior pastor.

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